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Small Penis Syndrome: Characteristics And Self-Help Treatment Suggestions

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Cognitive therapy and appraisal theory have taught us that how we think about and judge situations causes and shapes our emotional reactions to those situations. By identifying what those thought habits and beliefs are and taking steps to correct them, a fair amount of the pain and difficulty of this issue can likely be avoided. A year-old boy has undergone a surgery to shorten his penis which neither allowed him have sex nor participate in sporting activities because it was so massive. In mindfulness meditation you learn to simply become aware of the continual stream of thoughts, perception and judgments that flow through your mind, and you learn that you are are not the same thing as the content of those thoughts, but rather that which has the thoughts. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a condition where a consistent perceptual distortion exists a delusion if you will that the body or a part of the body is larger or smaller than it actually is.

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